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Coconut Cleanser

Hi, I just wanted to congratulate you on a superb product - your Coconut Hair Cleanser is amazing! I'll never go back to shampoo & conditioners after using this. All my life I have struggled to get a comb through the knots in my hair after washing it, but after using your cleanser, the comb runs straight through smoothly. I am beyond stoked! If you ever want to use this message as a customer product review, feel free, I'd be more than happy to endorse it! Many thanks, Kama Bailey.

I love this product! It is all I have used for over a year now. I have purchased several bottles and given them away to my friends and I always get a positive response from them. Everyone who has used this loves it. I highly recommend this product. Cara


WOW!! I must admit I was sceptical, I have tried so many products over the years for skin and hair. After reading all the great feedback on DSG Naturals I was intrigued...so many people with nothing but praise for these products. Now I'm one of them, just love it all, the conditioning cleanser is pure magic, my thick wavy mop of hair is looking and feeling wonderful, easy to style and manage and then the miracle cream... Sandra

Cationic Hair Serum

My hair is really curly and have tried every straightening product there is and nothing worked until I tried DSG hair serum. This product is fantastic. Allee

 SPF 15 Anti-Aging Daily Face Moisturiser

I've tried 3 of your products and love everything about them. The facewash is fantastic, my son uses the Miracle cream and has had great results and now the spf moisturiser is our new favourite, the fragrance is beautiful and it feels really luxurious. Thank you so much for these lovely products. Love love love!! Erin

Facial Cleanser

I am really in love with your products (cleanser & peptide serum)..... can not believe how soft my face feels. Can't wait to try the moisturiser. Thanks Jo

GOO Miracle Cream (Primer & Acne Control)

WOW!! I must admit I was sceptical, I have tried so many products over the years for skin and hair. After reading all the great feedback on DSG Naturals I was intrigued...so many people with nothing but praise for these products...the miracle cream is making a profound difference after just a few days use, I have suffered milia (small lumps/whiteheads) for years, tried it all...proactive & other natural remedies etc etc but no success, the miracle cream primer created a breakout which is good as I know it's working, skin is clearing now and looking great WOOHOOOO! ...I am now ordering the Extreme Cream as well, love these products, love the reasonable pricing and the excellent service :-) Sandra

This cream is amazing, I've had acne since as long as I can remember adn nothing has controlled it better then this true Miracle Cream! Thank you for giving my confidence back.

Hi I just wanted to give you's the biggest THANK YOU ever!! I came across the product on trademe and I thought id give it a shot before going back to the beautician for microdermabrasion, for once I have found a product that works on my stubborn skin I have spent thousands on products and treatments that never worked. My skin is clearing up I dont have breakouts the stubborn acne scars have pretty much healed and my skin is alot softer :-) Its so hard to afford skincare when you have children and a small budget. I cant thank you enough for giving me back my self esteem & saving me thousands. Will be definitely purchasing more xx The products do really live up to their name "miracle cream" never in a million years would i think my skin would get clearer!!!!

Green Tea Capsules

Hi Teri, I've always had problems with my body obsorbing Iron and have tried different things unsuccesfully. I've been taking the Green Tea tablets for a few weeks now and my body has been storing Iron like never before! I've only been taking 2 a day and it's been enough to give me more energy which again could be related to storing of the iron. Either way I feel great. Thank you. Kathryn

Hi there, I wanted to thank you so much for your Greentea capsules AND the Miracle Cream - I LOVE them!! I am currently going through menopause and am trying lots of different things to help with fatigue and general wellbeing as well as skin changes due to hormone changes. I took your Greentea capsules every day and felt I had more energy and a much better overall feeling - my skin seemed to be better as well. Your miracle cream was fantastic with the new big acne type spots that I am getting too. Together they are great. It treats the inside and the outside. I ran out of Greentea capsules and after a couple of days started to feel a bit more lethargic - the only thing I could put it down to was not having them. I have now ordered some more and cant wait to get them! Thank you! Amanda

Peptide Serum

These are amazing products! I started using the peptide serum, got amazing results and then also began using the extreme cream. I got even more amazing results. Since yesterday I've been using the miracle cream and am really excited about is. From mid 30s people guess my age now at early 20s! I told Teri that if she ever plans to stop selling her products to please let me know so that I can buy her entire remaining stock!!! thanks heaps

Extreme Creme

An amazing Product. Have been using it now for over a week. Lovely texture, nice smell, easy to apply. My first application I noticed great improvements. Im in my 40's and can say my skin has a youthfulness look again to it. I also love the fact that it has all natural ingredient's and that it deliver's result's. I have definitely noticed my wrinkles and dark spots improving all the time. Most of all, the texture is so smooth,rough spots improving and more lifted. I actually was so impressed I even used it on my hands. :0) They are firmer,have less wrinkles and dark spots are disappearing. Wonderful amazing products DSG Naturals. Customer for life :0)

Moisturising Tanning Cream

Finally a tanning cream with no after effects. I have reactions to every tanner I've tried from all price ranges, but not this. The colour is so natural and easy to apply, just like moisturiser. The sun is so dangerous now that I avoid sunbathing and am always concious in the sun but I want to have a healthy looking tan and now I can. I love it, Thanks!