Foundation primer, Acne, Rosacea, Anti-aging.

This product takes effect immediately and can be used as a primer with foundation or on its own. 

*Eliminates hormonal acne extremely quickly! 

*Removes toxins from the skin!
*Controls oil and sebum 
*Works great as a face primer under make up for extended wear. 
* Minimises Pore Size by 50%

*Instant Firming and Anti-aging Effect.


We are slowly changing our packaging from plastic to more environmentally friendly glass.  Buyers can now keep their pumps and re-use them again.  Just  discard the bottle  and  purchase a glass refill bottle without the pump, saving money in the process and limiting the amount of plastic discarded into nature.  


Miracle Cream

SKU: 0004
  • This is a fantastic product that takes effect immediately. Can be used as a primer with foundation or on it's own.

    Benefits from using DSG Miracle Cream:

    • instant reduction in fine lines
    • gives a matte look to make-up
    • firms the skin.

    Firstly make sure your face is clean and shake the bottle before use

    If using for acne control, then apply after cleansing and leave to dry before applying moisturiser or make up. Use in the morning and at night before moisturising. If you find your acne is not clearing up, then change your moisturiser and/or leave it out until skin clears. Our daily Spf 15 Moisturiser is designed to eliminate acne while providing a lightweight moisture.


    FOR OILY SKIN USERS: Wash face as normal, apply a layer of Miracle Cream (avoiding the eye area if prone to dryness), let dry.  Mix two pumps of Miracle Cream, with face foundation, blending with fingers and apply to face. Apply concealer if needed then blusher.


    FOR DRY SKIN USERS:  Wash face as per normal, Apply three pumps of Miracle Cream, ( avoiding the eye area if it is prone to dryness), let dry for a minute, apply Dsg Natural SPF 15 Daily Moisturiser, wait to dry, and apply Foundation, then concealer if needed.


    If using with Dsg Naturals Peptide Serum for day, apply the Peptide Serum straight after Cleansing, then the Miracle Cream.


    It is best to use a natural moisturiser with no parabens or mineral oil, as these ingredients are carcinogens and can cause acne. Ingredients to avoid in moisturisers which are proven to agitate the skin are: all parabens, silicons, mineral oil, all dioxides and anything else you can't pronounce!!!