Great skin care combo! Extreme Cream 30mls Peptide Serum 15mls


We are slowly changing our packaging from plastic to more environmentally friendly glass.  Buyers can now keep their pumps and re-use them again.  Just  discard the bottle  and  purchase a glass refill bottle without the pump, saving money in the process and limiting the amount of plastic discarded into nature.  

Extreme Creme and Peptide Serum Bundle

SKU: 0007

    This all new serum is packed with pure peptides. Are you paying a fortune for face serums that only contain 2-10% actives?

    DSG Serum contains a whopping:

    • 25% Argireline (victoria principal uses just 10% of this active in her products)
    • 25% hyaluronic acid (most serums contain 10-20%)
    • 25% Co-Enzyme Q10 (the average facial serum contains anywhere from 2-15%
    • 25% matrixyl 3000 (2-8% in eighty percent of store bought products)

    You will also notice the colour of the DSG serum is orange, (goes on clear on the face). The average bottle of serum has just a slight orange tinge or no colour at all. This is because it is highly concentrated and designed for permanent long time effect. Results can be noticed in as little as a few weeks. 
    DSG serum is designed to go in conjunction with DSG Extreme creme for night. The night creme is a detoxifying and exfoliating cream with built in moisturisers. The DSG Peptide Serum for day use contains no oil. This is so the peptides and actives give maximum results. Oil molecules are too difficult for the peptides and actives to penetrate and because it contains a high content of hyaluronic acid, it is moisture ridden and you do not need a moisturiser to go over it. Just apply to a clean dry face and carry on with your usual make up routine. 
    These four peptides and actives are all your skin needs to diminish the look of wrinkles, naturally moisturise, repair and accelerate the growth of new skin cells and plump and firm the skin. You will be pleased with the results. Dont waste your money on sub-standard products by big companies who just trade on their name, attach huge price tags, and don't list the quantity of actives in their product. Be sure of what you are buying. 
    Auction is for a 15ml bottle (lasts approx 3 weeks) 
    Directions:  Apply 1-2 pumps to a clean dry face and massage in thoroughly. Wait at least 5mins before carrying on with your make-up routine.

    Peptide Serum contains 25ml.




    This is all new extreme crème for night....all natural ingredients....but with a twist. It is also a microdermabrasion cream, so now you just need to cleanse and exfoliating required!!


    Suitable for every type of skin...oily, dry and normal.


    In 3 -5 days, you should notice:


    • 50% improvement in skin softness.
    • Dry zones eliminated!!
    • Oily zones eliminated!!
    • Hyperpigmentation and sun spots fading/skin tone improving
    • Reduction in Acne and acne scarring
    • Pore reduction


    An all natural crème, with NO parabens, NO dioxides, NO nasties!


    Warning: Only apply at night, not during the day, and always use a facial sunscreen during the day. DO NOT use an exfoliator or facial scrub with this product


    May not be suitable for people with lactose or dairy allergies.

    Extreme Cream contains 30ml

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