An Organic Multi-purpose Eye Cream that will combat Dark Circles and Discolouration, as well as tackle Puffiness and Dryness at the same time.


We have formulated the Concentrated Extract ourselves to ensure an effective Result quickly.  Made purely from Powerful Flower Extracts, Evening Primrose Oil, Coconut Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and a hypo-allergenic base and Preservative.  


Our Eye Cream is Unscented and 100% free from Chemicals, so suits most skin types. Some people can still be allergic to natural products, and anyone with flower allergies may not find it suitable. Packaged in an airless tube for 'no waste'. Contains 15mls.


Packaged in an airless tube for 'no waste'.  Contains 15mls.

3 in 1 Organic Eye Care

  • Apply twice a day on Clean Dry Skin.

    If using with Peptide Serum, apply over it.

    If using Extreme Cream, apply before it.

    One Pump will suffice for both eyes.  Tube will last approx 4-5 wks using twice a day.