Treat Dry and Flaky skin with this Natural Hydrating Moisturiser.  No Nasties here, and completely Waterless, so all ingredients are moisturising.  You will notice a difference in softness after the first application.


Fragrance Free Option also available for those with sensitive skin.




We have added the option of Refill Bags for the Environmentally Conscious Buyers.  These are not biodegradable, but are recyclable and have less than two thirds the plastic than the Bottles.  This is not a permanent solution to plastic waste, and we are looking forward to when the cosmetic industry produces these types of bags that are fully compostable in 6 weeks. The Refill Bags are also more cost effective for our buyers.

24 Hr Organic Hydrating Hand and Body Moisturiser

  • Lauric Acid, Linoleic Acid, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Protein, Plant Based Oils, Calcium, Vitamins A,K,E,D, Grapeseed Oil, Eco Cert approved Preservative, Rose Fragrance Oil. 


    Contains 300mls