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Proudly Made in New Zealand.

Extreme Cream with Natural Camu Camu Berry (high in natural Viitamin C). We use only natural active ingredients and not synthetics.

Fix all your skin problems with this unique cream. Extreme results should be seen in two weeks, addressing problems such as tone, texture and wrinkles, or your money back.

You will notice a tingling sensation when applying the cream, and this is normal as the ingredients get to work on stimulating the dermis, which in turn boosts collagen levels and evens out skin tone and texture, all while you sleep.

Alot of our customers say they notice a difference within three days and state it is more active than high end department store moisturisers!

Contains lactic acid, so people with sensitive skin should use sparingly (2-3 times per week until their skin adapts). If irritation occurs, stop use until sensitivity decreases, then apply every second or third night.

30 mls

This is all new extreme crème for night....all natural ingredients....but with a twist. It is also a microdermabrasion cream, so now you just need to cleanse and apply...no exfoliating required!!

Suitable for every type of skin...oily, dry and normal.

In 3 -5 days, you should notice:

  • 50% improvement in skin softness.
  • Dry zones eliminated!!
  • Oily zones eliminated!!
  • Hyperpigmentation and sun spots fading/skin tone improving
  • Reduction in Acne and acne scarring
  • Pore reduction

An all natural crème, with NO parabens, NO dioxides, NO nasties!

Warning: DO NOT use an exfoliator or facial scrub with this product

May not be suitable for people with lactose or dairy allergies.

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