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We are a New Zealand based company, shipping throughout New Zealand and Australia to provide affordable natural skincare.

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Ingredient Change

We have just altered the GOO Extreme Cream it now has natural Camu Camu Berry!!

We have now added a 'natural form' of vitamin C to the Extreme Creme.  This fantastic berry is found in the Amazon and has massive antioxidant properties!  It also has anti-viral properties, so helps with cold sores etc!  It also has 60 more times vitamin C than an orange!


The benefits of incorporating Vitamin C into a skin cream are numerous.  It treats age spots, smooths the dermis, evens out tone dramatically and boosts healthy collagen.  It also brightens and tightens!


Most skin care products or Vitamin C serums contain ascorbic acid.  Although Vitamin C is great for skin, the main form of Vitamin C used in skin care products is called Ascorbic Acid.  The problem with this artificial type of Vitamin C, is that is doesn't keep for long, and the benefits are lost quite quickly.  Now with Camu Camu Berry, you can have your Vitamin C the natural way.  Because it is a 'natural source', it keeps for longer (always keep the lid on to prevent oxidisation).  

The Extreme Cream now has a 'pink tone' due to the camu camu berry addition.  This will not turn your skin pink and is just the natural colour of the berry.


We are having a special for the cream....$20 a jar for a week, to let people try the new formula.  Check out more information on camu camu berry at http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/07/25/camu-camu-benefits-_n_3644392.html